We ask at the end of every workshop for some feedback, and we’re very glad we did! Here’s what some participants had to say about what we do:

“The pace, content, and experiential pieces were very well balanced. Very informative and well thought out”

“A really informative important and topical series of workshops on Sexuality and Gender. A series of workshops every therapist should do”

“Demystifying psychosexual therapy; presented in an engaging and knowledgeable manner”

“Do it! Holy Catholic Ireland will thank you! (And so will your clients)”

“Excellent workshop, organic, fun and made taboos very comfortable”

“Part of the challenge of working with the sexual aspect of clients’ lives is the lack of comfort/practice of the therapist. I have become more familiar with the language, but more importantly, I have become more comfortable with speaking about sex, both inside and outside the therapy room”

“The way in which the facilitators presented was seamless, practical and accessible. Their no-nonsense style of delivery made all workshop material both interesting and relatable. The workshop was very worthwhile”

“Very professional and evidence-based, and nothing is taboo”

“Very relevant, up-to-date information presentation and sharing by very experienced professionals. For anybody working in the area of psychosexual health, I would highly recommend this workshop”

“Encouraging, a supportive atmosphere was created so we could explore the skills we have and build our confidence to work with these issues as therapists”

“Fantastic, accessible training, very worthwhile and undoubtedly useful for my work with clients”